Monday, April 13, 2015

T-3 months!!

Hey fam!

We had a really good week. We didn't have very long to email so it won't be terribly long.

I'm sorry to hear Grandma Mimi died, that's bad news but I know she really suffered with dementia and it was her time to go. I have fond memories of her.

Karrie Adams is doing really well. She came to Church and absolutely loved it. She's surrounded by friends and most of her family members that are antagonistic towards her decision to join the Church. The most amazing thing is that while she's been going through the repentance process and making restitution as best she can to everyone she's hurt, she's had all of the guilt lifted from her.

We have several people that are struggling with addiction right now. An active member told us that although someone may stop there addiction, recovery is lifelong for many people.

This is the last week of the transfer and I'm probably going to go, since I only have two transfers left. I really hope I can make thebest of my last week.

Take care, I love you all so much,
Elder Szendre

P.s. I'll write more next week.

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