Thursday, April 10, 2014

From April 7, 2014: "Another Six Weeks!"

So we got transfer calls between Conferences on Saturday, and I'm staying in Eagle while Elder Nelson's shipping off for Boise Central, which is right by the temple. Elder Swann's now here and I'm really really excited for these next 6 weeks, it presents such an incredible opportunity. It took about 4.5 months to hasten the work in a previous area, the results of our finding efforts often take so long to achieve, for instance much of our baptizing success in March (45) came from our efforts in December, when we had a massive push to find 500 investigators, we tripled the averages for finding and are striving to keep it up there. We're at about double that as a mission right now.

It is so exhilarating to see Crystal and Kevin doing so well. Granted, each has their own "whirlwinds" as Elder Anderson would put it: Amira, Crystal's two year old, just went in for surgery today and was just released, there were complications but ultimately she's stable now.

Kevin watched every single session of General Conference last weekend, we haven't been able to meet with him for a while, but he's converted and is showing it. It's going to be a hard road to get his family's blessings for his baptism. He remarked that he almost wish he could go back to the way things were, life's so much more difficult now that he's found the Church.

We're hoping to get another appointment with Vladimir at the Cowley's home. It's incredible to speak with Ukrainians, they have the most incredible history with the Soviet Union. He was an evangelical minister during the era of the Soviet Union and had to preach under secrecy for fear of the communist regime. Sound familiar? (Mosiah 18)

I'm so excited for these next 6 weeks, the work is really taking off, and we're going to be challenging members to set a date when we will come back.

Conference was amazing, there were so many incredible talks. May we read and ponder, and set goals to make real change in our lives. The only protection we have as members of the Church is to follow the counsel of the Prophet and the Apostles. (Howard W. Hunter, "Unity") May we strive to strengthen our testimony and conversion, and repent of our sins. Jesus Christ lives, I know it and pray that we'll be sustained through whatever comes.

Much love!
Elder Szendre

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