Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Working in this part of the vineyard has been frustrating.

Abraham Lincoln once said that if you want to unite someone with your cause you need to be their friend. For instance Willie has been making progress towards praying, coming to Church and reading the Book of Mormon. It's just taking time and friendship. He's such an incredible person though, and riding rugby wheelchairs have been pretty fun. Another investigator we've just been really good friends with, he's been pretty humbled by his father's suicide. He now reads the Book of Mormon every day. It's harder though as a missionary because you want to spend so much time just enjoying the moment and then you have to teach the gospel at the same time. It's little wonder why they're asking members to extend friendship to all. Be yourself, but adjust your actions and personality to be able to be a true friend to all.

The work is true and Jesus Christ lives.

I pray for you daily,
Elder Szendre

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